Paper Recycling
March 6, 2015 Recycling

Every year, Australians generate roughly 50 million tonnes of cardboard and paper waste which goes to
landfill.  Despite recycling programmes generated by regional and capital city councils in each State,
each year, enormous amounts of potentially reclaimable product are destined for landfill.  When they
reach landfill, the potential of these products will be lost forever.  The breakdown of paper and
cardboard in landfill contributes to greenhouse gas emissions because cellulose (the major component
of paper and cardboard) degenerates very slowly producing methane in quantities which have a greater
impact on the atmosphere than that of carbon dioxide.

For the householder, recycling waste cardboard and paper is easy.  It does require a little forethought,
but it means only that you have to rip up a box and place it in the recycling bin provided by your Council.
For industry, the issue is much more problematic.  Their need to consider the costs of disposal of paper
and cardboard waste needs to be balanced against the potentially increased cost of their product should
they choose the environmentally friendly option to dispose of their excess or damaged product.

However, there are options available.  Companies such as Real Waste Solutions exist merely to reclaim paper and cardboard waste and recycle it into other useable products. Insulation, egg cartons, newspaper and recycled office paper are a few of the products that can result from recycling of cardboard and paper waste.

When we consider the savings in energy that can be made from recycling cardboard and paper, we need
to look at the statistics:

  • Manufacturing paper from recycled waste uses 99% less water and 50% less energy than if it was produced from raw materials.
  • The production of one kilogram of paper from recycled materials reduces greenhouse gas emissions by the same amount, one kilogram.
  • For every six reams (500 sheets per ream) you put through the office printer or photocopier, you use a tree.
  • Driving 20km to and from work today? You’ve just consumed the same amount of energy required to manufacture a ream of paper and added to the equivalent amount to greenhouse gas production.

Real Waste Solutions is committed to reducing the human impact on our planet.  By recovering and utilizing waste resources, Real Waste Solutions is helping to reduce our carbon footprint and to produce useful recycled products.

For more ways to Recycle and have fun doing it download this brochure.