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Great party last weekend! Now all we have to do is clean up! Empty beer cans, soft drink bottles, biscuit boxes, corn chip packets and salsa jars litter the carport, the barbecue is greasy and the tinfoil used to wrap the fish is still sitting there. No problem, we’ll get the gang around, throw most …

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Organic Recycling

When I was young, our family had a mulch pit – a deep hole dug in the garden by my father into which we children were tasked with placing the kitchen refuse collected throughout the day. The carrot tops and peels, the egg shells, the trimmings from the spinach and beans – all of these …

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Electrical Waste

If you undertake any of the ideas outlined here, you need to be entirely certain that your product is indeed inert and ensure that it is not plugged into a power source.   Recycling electrical waste is a problem. What can we do with it and how can it be recycled? If you’re feeling in …

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Paper Recycling

Every year, Australians generate roughly 50 million tonnes of cardboard and paper waste which goes to landfill.  Despite recycling programmes generated by regional and capital city councils in each State, each year, enormous amounts of potentially reclaimable product are destined for landfill.  When they reach landfill, the potential of these products will be lost forever.  …

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