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Paper & Cardboard
Recycling cardboard and paper is one of the easiest and most effective ways of reducing our carbon footprint and producing new and viable materials. By...
General Waste
Unfortunately not all waste can be recycled, but Real Waste Solutions provides collection methods for general domestic and office refuse together with services to councils...
E-waste (or electronic waste) is the term given to any electronic device at the end of its useful life. Materials such as glass, metal, plastics,...
Secure Paper & Media
Privacy of information is an important consideration in any business and the Australian Privacy Principles require, amongst other things, that an “…entity must take such...
Waste commingling is a method of collecting waste where certain types of materials are all placed in the same recycling bin and the material is...
About two thirds of all waste sent to landfill consists of organic food waste. Organic waste, also known as green waste, is comprised of food,...
Skip Bins
Skip bins on your building site are by far the most efficient way of managing your construction waste and bulk waste. Not only can you...
Grease Pit
In restaurants and other food preparation facilities a grease trap is installed to trap non-soluble fat and grease and prevent it from entering the sewerage...
Waste Audits
A Waste Audit is the first step in undertaking the development of a Waste Management Plan and serves as a framework for implementation of the...
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